In the last few weeks of 2019, we had a client call up and explain that they needed us to complete a DSEAR Assessment. Their insurance provider had been asking for a couple of weeks and as bad luck would have it, they had a visit from the HSE requesting work to be completed.

The work suggested by the HSE Inspectors was to safeguard against fire and explosion. The request was to move all electrical switches outside of the area and to earth/lightning protect the storage container.

NOTE – This is good advice from the HSE Inspector, provided the zoning exercise as part of a DSEAR Assessment has been done, which in this case had NOT.

We completed the DSEAR Assessment and with the stated challenges in mind, looked to identify better alternatives. We found a better way to control the evaporated substances using better extraction practices and reducing the quantities held within the area. Because of this, we were able to establish a zone within the existing areas and no remedial works suggested by the HSE were required.

The client had already got quotes for the work and was planning on starting in January 2020.

The DSEAR Assessment cost £1400. The quote for the work was £12,800. The earthing still needed to be done at a cost of £900. So, we were able to save the client £10,500.

If you need a DSEAR Assessment or don’t know what it is all about, get in touch with our senior DSEAR Specialist Ryan – or call him on 07402093183.