Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment is a process used to identify and evaluate the risks of fire in a particular environment, and to implement measures to control or eliminate those risks. The goal of a fire risk assessment is to protect people, property, and the environment from the dangers of fire.


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Reduce Your Fire Risks With A Fire Safety Risk Assessment

We offer a very cost-efficient Fire risk assessment service. With competent and experienced Fire protection, prevention, extinguisher and the required insurance coverage, we are able to maintain excellent standards and very competitive prices.

We will aid in determining the likelihood of a fire occurring as well as the fire hazard that the workplace poses to those who use it.

We have completed hundreds of fire risk assessments and can cover all industries and work environments including:

✅ Office Blocks

✅ Housing and Multiple occupancy (HMO)Warehousing

✅ Engineering and fabrication works

✅ Research and Development facilities

✅ Laboratories

✅ Construction Sites

✅ Multi site fitting teams

✅ Care homes (Residential and Nursing)

✅ Leisure centres and Swimming Pools

✅ Retail outlets and Shops

✅ Public transport stations and Depots

If a fire risk assessment won't quite cut it, please take a look at the services we provide for Explosive atmospheres.

Orbis Environmental offers a full range of fire safety management and advisory services. We have a national network of fire safety consultants with experience in all sectors of the fire safety industry. Our fire service cover the whole of the UK so no matter where you’re situated, we’ll be able to help.

In all the fire hazardous safety training and rescue services we deliver, our advice and information are compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Regulations) Order 2005. All the guides we produce are also compliant with this legal framework.

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In order to identify the fire hazards present in the environment, the assessor will need to review relevant documentation, such as building plans and occupancy records, and may also need to conduct site visits and interviews with workers.

Once the fire hazards have been identified, the assessor will evaluate the risks associated with those hazards. This may include evaluating the potential for a fire to start, the potential for a fire to spread, and the potential for people to be injured or killed in the event of a fire.

Based on the results of the risk assessment, the assessor will recommend controls to manage or eliminate the identified risks. These controls may include measures such as installing fire sprinklers, providing fire extinguishers, and implementing evacuation procedures.


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