Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Noise Exposure Survey

Having a Noise survey is just the starting point. What you do with the information and findings is what really matters.

We extend the services to not only include the Noise survey but also to deliver the results in-person to your staff and managers, install appropriate signage, issue suitable PPE and talk to the people who are affected.

We go further to get the best outcomes and work with you to finish everything off.

Chemical, Fumes and Dust Exposure Survey

We assess all substances that you may have in your workplace.

We deploy personal sampling pumps to measure the exposure and assess this against all metrics to establish the exposure levels.

From here we develop a full and detailed risk assessment, All Analysis reports and report back to management and staff in the form of toolbox talk training.

We offer a complete and full service, not just a test and go.

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More useful information

If you have equipment and machinery that makes it difficult to talk from 1 meter away from each other, you should get a survey done. The HSE provide great advice on this here.

A Noise survey is an assessment using sensitive measuring equipment and reviewing existing arrangements such as risk assessment, Procedures and Training against the level of noise being produced.

We also look at your existing control measures including PPE, the measurements of Noise against exposure limits, and use this information to get the most effective solution as to how best protect the workforce.

The survey will conclude with all details, summarized data and recommendations being presented in a “to the point” report and we follow through with a revisit to summarize and consult on the most effective improvements you need to make, if any.

A Typical survey would last 1 working shift at your facility or place of work, followed up with a few days of writing up and researching the findings, putting them together into a neat package to bring back to you a few days later. We aim to start and complete within 2 weeks from commissioning.

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