Occupational Health Assessment

Where employees are exposed to hazards over a certain limit, there is a need to check in on them from time to time to be sure that the hazards are not affecting their long-term health. 

Most common hazards are Noise, Inhalation of toxic or Carcinogenic substances, Welding, and the use of powered tools.

Where problems do exist, having valuable baseline health data is super important.

In such cases, an employer should contact an occupational health assessment professional and carry out an assessment to ensure the employees are in good health and the workplace environment is safe. 

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We also offer more detailed occupational health risk assessment that aim to support the employee and their health; however, it is also vitally important that we capture as much information as we can for the employer’s support to establish a baseline of health data for claims defensibility.

We include many other areas as part of our occupational health check that includes questions about employee hobbies and interests that effect health and also previous employment where health management or PPE may not have been as effective as your company.

What is different about our approach

We look out for the employee AND the Employer. We focus first and foremost on the health of the employee. But we are also experienced to understand that not all cases are as they seem. We are experts in offering good full screening to understand the full nature of each employee assessment and link this to the employees current and previous work experiences and environments.

Ultimately if any claims are raised in the future, you will know with good confidence if you have work to do, or if you have a strong case in terms of claims defensibility.

And from the employee’s perspective, the screening session is of such a good standard, they truly feel cared for and respected by the employer.

What is Occupational Health Screening?

As the name suggests, occupational health screening focuses on the health and wellbeing of employees in a workplace. 

Additionally, occupational health check aims to prevent work-related illness and injury while promoting the wellbeing of employees. 

Moreover, it also encourages safe working practices, analyses ergonomics, evaluates employee health and supports management in reducing sickness absence. 

Typically, the areas that are considered includes:

  • Working at Heights
  • Night Working
  • Lone Working
  • Work in Hot or Cold Environments
  • Noise at Work
  • Work with Vibrating Equipment
  • Driving a Company Vehicle
  • Working with Ionising Radiation
  • Open Food Handling
  • Working with Category 3B or 4 Lasers
  • Working with Infectious Pathogens (Hazard Group 2/3)
  • Working with blood, human products, and human tissues
  • Work in clinical areas with direct contact with patients
  • NOT administrative roles
  • Work with Allergens e.g., laboratory animals, pollen, dust, insects etc.
  • Work with any substance which has hazardous symbols on the container or on their MSDS
  • Manual Handling
  • Travel outside of UK on Company Business

When Is an Occupational Health Screening Required?

Firstly, on employment screening, or if employees have been employed for a long time, Health screening is something to consider immediately to get a baseline of Data.

This is not Mandatory; however, it is quick, easy, and low cost… And it protects the Employee and the employer for whatever comes in the future.

Secondly, to promote good standards of Health and demonstrate a commitment from proactive businesses.

Also, if an employee was on sick leave for a longer period of time, the employer might want to examine employee’s health status and ensure they are able to carry out tasks safely.

Finally, Mandatory screening if an employee is exposed to identified hazards above or close to exposure limits including Noise, Chemicals, Fumes, Welding and Fabrication, Vibration, and others such as Blood Borne Virus (BBV).

Types of Occupational Health Screening

There are multiple types of occupational health screening. Some of them are-

Pre-employment / On-Employment health checks

These health checks are for new workers to assess their health and capacity to perform their tasks. 

Lifestyle checks

As a part of an employee assistance program, lifestyle checks are offered to each staff member. 

✅ Health Surveillance

If an employee is exposed to dangerous substances or processes at work, it becomes a requirement to conduct a health screening.

What help is available for Health Screening?

A good, reputable provider can help you assess the full needs of your business, develop a full plan of options, schedule appointments, carry out the Health Screening and provide specific reports and support to the business.

All assessments and screening should be completed by a trained technician and where needed, overseen be an occupational health nurse or doctor.  

The assessment will include checking details on employee referrals form and discussing the contents about current health problems and recommending the best advice based on that. 

Moreover, it includes talks about the job role and activities involved in it and identifies areas where employees might experience difficulties. 

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How Orbis Environmental and Safety can help with Occupational Health Screening

When a business makes an appointment with Orbis, your needs are discussed as soon as you are ready. Is free and will offer full detailed advice on what options are available to you.

During the consultation, all the relevant information is collected to offer good advice. 

From there, you can decide to have a needs analysis commissioned, or simply allocate the services discussed and the needs analysis is done as the surveillance begins.

To conduct an effective and cost-effective occupational health screening & assessment, you can visit the service section of our website or drop your information in the comment section below. 

You can also drop a mail at [email protected] or call us on – 01656 470044.

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