Who Are Orbis?

Our Story

Established in 2016 by Managing Director Ryan Lloyd-Davies, ORBIS have grown to be a reputable consultancy, specialising in taking the load off your hands.

We are passionate towards exceeding our clients’ needs to a point that you, the client, feel we are part of YOUR team, just like any other employee or department.

Our uniqueness comes in finding the most cost-effective solutions, not finding more obstacles.

Our story

Orbis Environmental & Safety

The needs of our clients are at the front of what we do and are proud to keep close working relationships, working in your team, helping you get things right.

We operate a good service at a good price principle, which means that when we work with clients, they are prone to sticking with us, despite stiff competition.

Each of our clients are allocated a Project Lead in the form of a Safety Consultant that will be a Chartered member of IOSH, as a minimum and over 10 years’ experience.

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Some of the Sectors We Work In

Food and Chemical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical and Medical manufacturing

Haulage, Transport and Public Transport

Construction, Property Development, Repairs and Maintenance

Care Homes and Community Care Services

Local authority and Housing Associations

Civils and Utilities

Quarrying and Aggregates


Meet with Our Brilliant Team Members

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Ryan Lloyd-Davies

Managing Director and Senior Consultant (DSEAR)
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Liza Elston

Account Manager and Safety Advisor
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Ian Clint

Senior Consultant
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Cory Dainty

Fire Safety Technician
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Rebecca James

Office Administrator

Our Clients

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