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How to identify Training Needs

At the heart of every thriving business lies a team equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel. But how do you ensure your team has what it takes to reach their full potential? Let’s explore how identifying training needs can empower your workforce in key areas.

Empowerment: Foster open communication to understand where individuals need support or training.

Knowledge: Regular assessments help identify areas for skill development and staying updated in the industry.

Instruction: Offer diverse training methods to cater to different learning styles.

Guidance and Support: Provide mentorship and resources to navigate challenges effectively.

Building Trust and Confidence: Celebrate achievements to boost morale and encourage growth.

Investing in your team’s training needs isn’t just about enhancing productivity—it’s about nurturing a workforce that feels empowered to reach new heights together.


What Training Options Do Orbis Offer?

We understand that no two business are the same, and that your approach to training may need to differ. As such, we aim to match you with the right training at the right time, with industry experts leading the subject matter in order to answer delegates questions fully and using workplace specific examples.

Depending on the type of training required, how the delegates prefer to learn, and whether there are training facilities available in your workplace, courses can be offered in a range of ways:

Work Place Training

Online Training

Virtual Classroom

DSEAR Training

At Orbis Environmental and Safety, we value the importance of proper training to manage risks in potentially explosive atmospheres. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive training course for all levels of DSEAR involvement.

Our training covers everyone from those working directly in or near hazardous areas to those responsible for site safety. We offer various options, including a brief Employee DSEAR Awareness course, detailed Line Manager and Responsible Person training, and an in-depth two-day DSEAR Risk Management course.

Each program is tailored to our clients’ needs, with site-specific details incorporated into the materials. Our aim is to provide practical examples and equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure safe working environments for everyone.

DSEAR Training

Employee Awareness

Aimed at employees working within or near DSEAR Zones this course gives a good overview of how DSEAR applies in your workplace


Line Managers and Responsible Persons

Aimed at those responsible for other employees or areas where DSEAR zones exist. This can be delivered on the same day as Option 1 to ensure all relevant employees are aware of their roles within DSEAR Compliance.


DSEAR Risk Assessment, Arrangements, Inspections and Auditing

An intesive 2 day course delivered on site or at a range of locations across the UK as an open course, this course is aimed at Responsible Persons and Safety or Compliance staff with a responisbility for DSEAR Management arrangements.


Fire Safety Training

A comprehensive approach to fire safety training plays a crucial role in workplaces of all kinds. That’s why we offer tailored courses to individuals at every level involved in ensuring premises compliance.

In addition to our standard training sessions, which cover the essentials outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, we customize courses to meet each client’s specific needs. Our training materials are enriched with site-specific details, guaranteeing relevance and practicality. Whether it’s evacuation procedures, emergency preparedness, or crisis scenario training, we’ve got you covered.

Participating in our courses equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to effectively assess and manage fire risks, as well as other potential hazards if necessary. They also gain a clear understanding of their role within the workplace, contributing to a safer environment for everyone involved.

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Fire Marshal Training

All workplaces should have designated fire marshals whose responsibility it is to promote fire safety practices, and assist in safe evacuation.

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Understanding your fire risk assessment

Aimed at those responsible for completing actions identified within a fire risk assessment, understanding the rationale behind the actions, and going into detail about the management of fire safety.

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Bespoke Training Options

Whether you need a combined approach to fire safety training, or whether you need to go into more detail regarding crisis management and emergency scenario training, we are here to develop a course tailored to your needs.

Core Training Modules

Most employers operating in premises require as standard some core training services, including fire safety, first aid, manual handling, DSE assessment and more, to ensure a safe and compliant workplace environment. These essential training programs equip employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to emergencies, prevent accidents, and promote overall well-being. By investing in such training, employers demonstrate their commitment to prioritizing the health, safety, and welfare of their workforce, ultimately fostering a culture of responsibility and preparedness within the organization.

All of the following courses can be delivered in a variety of ways, just get in touch to find out more!

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First Aid at Work


Mental Health First Aider


Manual Handling


DSE Assessments


Working at Height


Face Fit Testing


Legionella Awareness


IOSH Managing Safely

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