I am a firm believer that helping others develop and be better makes us all better. I have signed up for plenty of mentor schemes but seem to get very little uptake past the initial introduction.

This young lady made a little unusual approach of messaging me on LinkedIn asking for a little advice. As it’s a nice story, I make no apologies for the pretentiousness of this blog, I wanted to share it.

I appreciate this was a request for interview messages for a position of Health and Safety and Facilities Officer, however, if someone of these key messages are implemented, it would make the company and the people very strong in H&S Management.

My advice:

(Hopefully, those interested in going onto the next step of a budding career can use).

Hi (DELETED NAME), Yes, it is a bit of a random one, but I like random. Of course,… Comments below:

Remember the environment of Heavy Manufacturing and the dirty messy nature of it… Housekeeping, clear signage and refreshing paint markings for walkways etc are important from the H&S and Facilities aspects.

Then there are things like emergency response and preparedness including alarm systems, evacuation tests, the actions from the tests that show what improvements are needed and a key part of the job that would be to chase that these actions or any other corrective actions) are closed out.

If I heard a from a support function (what your applying for) was that you were keen to chase the actions when no one else chases to make sure they are closed, I would be very happy to hear that.

Another consideration would be to link the H&S department with other areas of the business. I would be happy if I heard you talk about how you would link the H&S team with the Occupational Health teams to progress special cases of illness, disease, HAVS, Noise etc or to manage absence, also to discuss linking the H&S team with the HR team in sharing health and wellbeing initiatives.

Also, the link with H&S and facilities or maintenance teams for paperwork completion such as checking cooling tower inspection and sanitisation logs are kept up to date and presentable.

Maybe also throw in there a bit about helping the management of Contractors on site including inspections and checking Permit to works are completed properly.

Finally, preparation of information and data in KPI reporting, Pulling documents and papers together for management meetings etc. Hope some of this helps. Good Luck.

The outcome

A very happy young lady responded to me 4 weeks after this message to inform me, she was successful in her application and had started the new role. Something I thought was simple, she thought was very helpful.