PAT Testing by ORBIS

Portable Appliance Testing service that includes a full detailed report and Risk Assessment

  • Free PAT Testing Risk Assessment

  • Scheduled work to spread the load (I.E. Quarterly for large complex sites)

  • Consistent, high quality and reliable service

  • Pictures of failed appliances with explanation why it failed

  • Immediate repair and replacement where possible

  • Out of hours, 24/7 testing to work around your business

  • Industry leading PAT Testing equipment with database

  • Full report detailing exact appliance, ID and location

  • Optional re-occurring services to remove the admin burden


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The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 make it your responsibility to make sure all your electrical equipment is safe to use, so you should regularly inspect, test and maintain electrical appliances to make sure they’re compliant. The HSE approved code of practice identifies the types of tests required and the duration between tests for different equipment. HSE INDG236

The duty holder, is ultimately responsible for the Portable Appliance Testing to ensure all electrical appliances are safe. We will provide a free PAT Testing Risk Assessment that identifies exactly what needs to be done and when. As an idea, highest risk appliances could be done annually and low risk appliances such as Desktop computers that do not get moved could be 2 to 4 years.

We carry out a number of inspections and tests:

  1. A visual examination – We look for any damage that may cause an appliance to be faulty, this is incredibly important as most fails happen at this stage.
  2. An in-depth inspection and test – This helps us pick up on any damage that may not be immediately visible. It includes earth continuity, lead polarity and insulation resistance checks.
  3. Once we’ve completed these tests, we conduct a function check to ensure that everything works as it should do.

Broadly speaking, any appliance that has a plug needs to have a Portable Appliance Test. This includes:

  1. Equipment that does not move / Stationary equipment
  2. IT and Communications equipment
  3. Movable equipment such as chargers and power cables
  4. Portable equipment such as hair dryers, Soldering Irons etc.
  5. Some 110v appliances
  6. Extension leads
  7. Hand-held equipment (Not Battery Powered)