Fire Risk Assessments

6 Latest type of Fire Extinguishers And Its Role In Fire Safety

Be it your workplace or living area, taking precautions against fire risk is mandatory.  One should never overlook the requirement of fire safety management and fire safety risk assessment.  Premises where commercial work is carried forward needs to be more careful.  By following all the fire safety regulations, businesses not only decrease the potential damage

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What Is A Fire Risk Assessment And Who Can do it?

When it comes to fire risk assessments, people generally tend to overlook it. There are a few people who understand that a fire risk assessment is quite essential, and it needs to be the center of the building’s fire safety plans. As fire risk assessments are overlooked, it can result in exposure to fire risks

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Vibration Risk Assessment – Complete one yourself

Today I was asked to help someone understand what is involved with assessing Hand Arm Vibration risk. Also known as HAVS. I wrote a detailed answer to try and help them know what was needed. I initially wanted them to know what was involved if I were to assess the work, but realised that

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Completing Risk Assessments yourself – What to look out for

A common question that is always posed is "Can we complete a risk assessment ourselves, or does it have to be a Safety Specialist"? The quick and easy answer is Yes - you can complete risk assessments yourselves. And with the use of a good template, it should be a relatively quick and painless

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