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Why Businesses – Small or Large, Hire A Health And Safety Consultant

Every business needs to focus on the health and safety of employees to grow and succeed.  The business workforce is the fuel that keeps the company running for the long term while maintaining the sustainability of the business.  Thus it is important to prioritize the health and safety of employees.  It is not right to

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Everything You Need To Know About Occupational Health Screening

Where employees are exposed to hazards over a certain limit, there is a need to check in on them from time to time to be sure that the hazards aren't affecting their long term health.  Most common hazards are Noise, Inhalation of toxic or Carcinogenic substances, Welding, and the use of powered tools. Also, some

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3 focus points for 2020, in building strong safety cultures

1 – Take care of the Health concerns With such a significant awareness of stress and anxiety, we are better equipped than ever to manage stress-related absence and help our staff. The signs can be easy to spot and early action is vital. The same goes for exposure to Noise, Dust or Chemicals and

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