Need help with approved Contractor or Local Authority Tenders?

We can help get you through the paperwork and apply on your behalf. We explain the process as we go so you can do as much or as little yourself. If you are starting from nothing or just need a little tweak here and there, we can help.

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ORBIS - Contractor Vetting Checklist - Approved Contractor - Jan 2020.pdf



    Need to know how much this costs?

    Lots of us do understandably get a little concerned with how much this will cost and figures ranging from £700 to £1250 seem like a big investment. But ultimately it depends on what doors these accreditation’s are going to open. Its a drop in the pond if it secures well paid work over long periods.

    Starting from a new position with nothing

    Approx £850

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    • Full Support

    • All Documents
    • Deal with Application
    • Unlimited time

    Have some information but not all of it

    Approx £650

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    • Full Support
    • Partial Documents
    • Deal with Application
    • Normal time

    Almost there, just need a couple of things

    Approx £450

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    • Full Support

    • Minimal Documents
    • Deal with Application
    • Minimal time