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DSEAR Assessment

A DSEAR risk assessment is required for any process, area, or piece of equipment that contains substances that, if enough of them are suspended in the air, will ignite if an ignition source is introduced.

Fire Risk Assessment

We offer a very cost efficient Fire risk assessment service. With competent and experienced fire risk assessors and the required insurance coverage.

Noise Assessment

A noise risk assessment is carried out to ensure the health and safety of workers who are exposed to noise hazards.

Training Services

Offering a range of training solutions to help you embed a culture of safety and responsibility within your team. From Fire and DSEAR to manual handling and working at heights, find out more.

Consultancy Advice

This page offers information for all of our Health & Safety Consultancy Services.

Breathing Air Testing

Breathing air used in industries such as spray painting or confined spaces must comply with BS EN 12021:2014.

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Our Story

Setup in 2016 by managing director Ryan Lloyd-Davies, Orbis has grown to be one of the most popular and expert H&S Advice consultancies in the area of Health, Safety and Environmental compliance.

Ryan has embedded the determination of doing more than that of a consultant with all of Orbis clients, to make the client feel that we are an extension of your business – not advisors explaining what needs doing - but rolling up our sleeves and doing the work with you.

Its common that we complete high level audits and assessments, and then design, develop, and implement the necessary training, procedures, and risk assessments for the client.


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Orbis Environmental & Safety

The needs of our client are at the front of what we do at ORBIS, and we are proud of the close and committed working relationships we form. We really do feel part of your business family, helping to get things right.

Each project is assigned a Project Lead in the form of an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant that will be a Chartered member of IOSH, as a minimum with over 10 years’ experience – So you can be confident your in good hands.


Outcomes in mind

We are very unique in that we specialise in assessing the needs of any business but adding the most important aspect, which is the outcomes you need, delivered with competent health and safety advice.


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Case Study

We were asked to help a client because of HSE Enforcement action. The client had limited budget and more limited time resources.

After the first site assessment, we spoke with the owner of the business and quickly understood that this business did not have the people or experience to do what the HSE expected. They needed help.

So, we did it for them. We drew up every Policy, Procedure, and risk assessment, implemented new monthly inspections and completed the first few months to get them going. We completed the DSEAR Assessment, did the Noise Assessment at the same time and even took samples of the machinery coolant and sent it to be tested for them.

That is what makes us different.


Statement from Ryan (managing Director)

After working as a Health and Safety manager for over 10 years across multiple sites and multiple industries, it was clear that there is a real gap in what safety specialists offer and deliver upon. Not that they did a bad job at all, definitely not – more so that they would create a list of problems and leave us to fix them on our own.

I remember thinking that hiring specialist consultants is expensive, but all we really got from it was a thumbs up, or a to do list. So, I wanted to change the game – and so far, it works. When I explain the approach that Orbis takes in helping the client through the problems, doing as much or as little as needed, the cost of the consultant all of a sudden becomes less important because the client physically has outcomes at the end.


1 – We assess the needs of your business and areas of compliance our need help with or have challenges with

2 – We complete a full review to provide expert advice on risks and opportunities

3 – This is where we excel – We offer the expert advice on what to do and how to do it – but most importantly, we do the work with or for you. Doing the heavy lifting and offering you the much-needed outcome, not simply a list of things to do yourself.

We do not assess and give you the report on what to do – We do the work with you and for you, as an extension of your team.

We sometimes act as independent health and safety consultants, also considered to be on a freelance health and safety consultant basis, with the support of a professional chartered company.

All of our consultants are suitably qualified and registered as members of appropriate bodies.

You will be allocated a Senior consultant with a minimum of Chartered status with IOSH (CMIOSH) to oversee and complete works.

To know more or chat to a consultant, contact us or pop an email over to us at [email protected] or call us on – 01656 470044. We will be in touch within 1 hour.


Why Orbis?

Expert Team

100% Satisfaction

Collaborative Ongoing Support

Competitive Prices

Work Process

How It Works


We listen to the client


We discuss options and establish exactly what needs to be done. No Grey areas.


We get the work done – Doing as much or as little as you need.

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